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same Day Restorations in Fontana

Modern Dental Treatment: Your Tooth Restored Today

If one or more of your teeth suffers from cavities, discolorations, cracks, or other damage, your dentist may recommend a crown. A safe and proven treatment option, crowns are custom-made appliances that cover your natural tooth structure to ultimately strengthen your tooth and improve the appearance of your smile.

In the past, restoring a tooth with a crown required at least two visits – normally a week or even two between appointments.

Using new sophisticated technologies, today it’s possible for your dentist to restore a tooth with a crown in just a single appointment. This long-lasting, natural-looking treatment can be completed in as little as two hours.

Same-Visit Crowns: How It Works

STEP 1: Your dentist prepares your tooth and captures a 3-D digital scan of your mouth
STEP 2: Specialized software is used to create a digital blueprint of your dental crown
STEP 3: While you wait, your crown is sculpted from a block of tooth colored, metal-free material
STEP 4: Your dentist bonds your custom-made crown onto your tooth

The Advantages of Same-Visit Crowns

  • Second appointments
  • Gooey impressions
  • Temporary restorations
  • Your restored smile is ready today!

Situations Ideal for Same-Visit Crowns

  • Protect cracked, worn or weak teeth
  • Restore broken teeth
  • Replace existing large fillings
  • Improve the appearance of discolored or badly shaped teeth

Great Results in a Single Visit

  • Replace existing large fillings
  • Restore broken teeth
  • Remove the metal from your mouth

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same Day Restorations in Fontana